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Deborah Brooks Design


"Deborah is awesome, thoughtful, concerned about her clients needs and wishes. Deborah is a concerned authority with reference to design. She can put together anythings you may want. I say YES to Deborah as your next designer. You will get the feeling you want from your project. We wanted excitement, and she was able to deliver that concept.

Deborah is awesome!"

"She was so easy to work with and our remodel went beautifully as well as the design. Deborah had great vision and creative ideas, paid attention to detail, masterfully managed all the moving parts and ensured that we would love the results...

and we do!"

"We called Deborah to remodel our top floor attic into a Master Suite with Bath, and we absolutely love the result. Our lives our enhanced, our house expanded and we feel as if we are on vacation in an enchanting Five Star Inn. Deborah was a delight to work with and always blended her expertise and vision with our desire

creating an outcome that surpassed what we had imagined." 

"We were new to this area and wanted a designer which would work well with the architect and contractors we had already hired. Deborah was gracious and delightful to work with. She worked beautifully with everyone and created an absolute haven for us. Living in Southern California along the Gold Coast is a beautiful luxury. The finishes, furnishing and accents Deborah suggested are so wonderfully tied together. We are amazed everyday and feel we are in our lovely European resort

(where we were traveling).

Thank you Deborah for all your gorgeous work and effort to make our home so comfortable and serene. You have been so accommodating and great to work with. We love our home so much! "

"When we hired Deborah to add some finishing touches to our home, she keyed into our style immediately. Within a short time, through her resources of showrooms and installers, our home was finished beautifully. We are delighted with the outcome and enjoyed working with such a talented and gracious designer. This is the second time she has designed a home for our family and we would definitely work with her again."


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