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Virtual Design also called E-Design


An affordable alternative to traditional interior design services.  

We will correspond via e-mail and phone to create a custom room or home design for you.

Perfectly balanced to meet your needs, your style and your budget.



You'll send us via e-mail your room photos, measurements, any tearsheets or ideas you love,

and we'll create a wonderful, magical design for you.


You'll receive

A Storyboard of each Room, a Customized Floorpland & a Shopping List. delivered to your in-box...


The Painter of Beauty's

Virtual Design



Without the Custom Price

Virtual Interior Design


A Personalized

Shopping List

Per room

Tailored to your

personalized room design,


"The Painter of Beauty"


 Where to Purchase & Pricing 


All Inclusive

Any questions, call or email Deborah directly 





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